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The Liminka School of Arts, founded in 1892 (then known as the Liminka folk school) is a private boarding school owned by the association of supporting members of the Liminka folk school. In the year 1966 the Folk School of Liminka received permission from the National School Board to start on art course at the school. This course would enable students without previous knowledge of art to study the various art subjects which perhaps would offer them a future profession, or at least an appreciation of art that would last their lifetime. After a period of five years, this line gradually became the main subject of the school, and the Folk School of Liminka became known as the Liminka School of Arts.

The Liminka School of Art's one year curriculum is specialized to give students the very fundamentals in sculpture, etching, drawing, painting, art history,  comics and theatre. The program is designed to motivate students to fully explore their potentials in the field of arts and also prepares them to seek opportunities in a higher level of education in arts.

In accordance to the law of the Folk School, students have to complete their mandatory education before coming to the school. The average age of a student is 25. Half of the students are 19-23 years old. Students come from all over Finland. There are also per year a small percentage of foreign students. Currently there are 120 students enrolled in the Liminka School of Arts.

The main language of instruction at the Liminka School of Arts is Finnish. However, the school frequently has guest teachers from various parts of the world, who have often taught in English.

For the basic courses the students are divided into groups which transfer from one studio course to another. The school's courses are based on a five-day week, in which the students have the possibility to work in the evening in the workshops, without the teachers. They are also able to work independently during the weekend.

During the next year, 14.8.2023-24.5.2024, the school cost is 4 500 €. This payment includes room (whole year), board (by working days) and instruction. Artist materials are bought separately by the student, and their monthly cost depends on the individual and their activity.

You can apply to the school from the form linked below, or send an application letter. In the application letter, the individual must also explain a little about themselves. Additional information concerning applying to our school is available from the school office, but in any case students who are interested in our school are cordially invited to visit the school before their application.

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